Alloy wheel refurbishment

Kerbed alloys can totally ruin the look of your car and affect the resale price if you try to sell your car. Whether your wheels have heavy kerb damage, are corroded, or scuffed, we can restore your wheels to look as good as the day they were first made. At Oxford Wheel Repairs, we refurbish all kinds of alloys using only the highest quality materials and our work is guaranteed. The paint we use for wet painting alloys is the same paint used by BMW on their cars, so you won't have any problems with the paint flaking or peeling after a couple months. With wet painting we can do custom colour changes, so you can have your wheels painted any colour you like.

The other process we use is powder coating, which is more durable than wet painting. The wheels are first dipped in iron phosphorus to prevent corrosion, then they're coated with primer and then coloured. Finally, they're finished in a very durable powder coat polyester lacquer. Custom colour changes are also available with our powder coating process, so you can change the colour of your wheels to whatever takes your fancy.

With our state of the art diamond cutting lathe, we can restore your kerbed or scuffed diamond cut alloys to their original condition, making them look like new. Most diamond cutting services are restricted to the size of the diamond cut alloy they're able to refurbish because their lathe is unable to cut larger wheels. Our lathe is able to take up to a 24 inch wheel, giving us the ability to refurbish diamond cut alloys from 4x4's such as Range Rovers and making it possible for 4x4 drivers have normal alloys custom diamond cut. 

Some wheels come with polished metal parts, which we can also re-polish and restore to their original condition.


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