Buckles and Cracks

Buckles and Cracks

More often than not, repairing buckles and cracks is a quick process and we can do it while you wait.

We remove the tyres and get the wheel either screwed onto the de-buckling machine, or over to the welding station.

To debuckle a wheel, firstly the damaged area is annealed which makes the alloy easier to work, then several tonnes of pressure are applied to mold it back into shape.

Repairing cracks is a slightly more specialized job. The crack first has to be ground down to fresh clean metal. This makes it not only easier to weld up but also gives a much stronger weld. Then once the crack is repaired and the weld has cooled down, the rim is reshaped so that the tyre will seal perfectly. The weld on the inside of the rim is left to help strengthen the repair and prevent further damage

We test all repair work thoroughly before giving your wheels back to ensure you’re getting the best quality of work from us every single time.