Diamond Cutting

We aim to keep our fees as simple as possible and charge fixed fees based on what you need.

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Diamond Cutting

With only a few specialised and expensive CNC diamond cutting machines around, it can be hard to find somewhere that offers speedy work at a good price. Here at Oxford Wheel Repairs, we offer a 48-72 hour turnaround time, collection and delivery service within Oxfordshire (trade only), and very competitive pricing.

Oxford Wheel Repairs also have the ability to add metal to badly kerbed wheels, often saving previously un-repairable wheels. All wheels are zinc coated to prevent corrosion, then finished in a very durable powder coat lacquer.  This allows us to refit tyres and rebalance wheels without marking, just a few hours after painting. Not only is this very time efficient, it is also a far superior and harder finish than most repairers wet paint finish, which marks easily and takes hours to achieve full cure.  Powder coat lacquer is also the standard finish on all OEM wheels.

We diamond cut all wheels ‘in house’ with our state of the art diamond cutting lathe, transforming your damaged alloy wheels to original finish. Whilst some lathes struggle to process larger wheels from vehicles such as Range Rovers, BMW X5 etc our diamond cutting lathe can take up to a 24 inch wheel, and we’ve even managed some RV and lorry wheels!