All wheel refurbishments start off with the same process, here at Oxford Wheel Repairs. When you drop your wheels off to us, whether you want them refurbished to the same colour, completely stripped, or colour changed, we start by getting the tyres off and putting the wheels in our stripping tank. This completely removes all the paint and leaves the wheels bare and ready to be worked on. Next, they’re vapour blasted to clean them down and get off any paint residue or dirt, and checked for any defects or cracks that may have gone unnoticed.

By this point the wheels are stripped completely back to the alloy and are ready for painting to begin.

We first coat all wheels in a primer, whether they’re being powdercoated or wet painted. This helps to protect them and prevent any rust or corrosion. They are then baked in our wheel oven before being left to cool down ready for the next stage.

Next is the colour coat. We have expert painters and our own paint mixing facility to get the wheels the perfect colour every time. Again the wheels are then baked in the oven for a while before being left to cool down once again.

Once the wheels have cooled down and are ready to go again, lacquer is applied to seal everything in and give your wheels a great finish. Baked one last time before the tyres are refitted and balanced and are ready for collection.

The whole refurbishment process is thorough and professional, and the greatest of care is taken by all our staff members to ensure you’re perfectly happy with the outcome.