Oxford Wheel Repair

Meet the Team

Meet the team


Douglas Ligertwood is the Managing Director of Oxford Wheel Repairs. Born and brought up in Oxford, he has been in the motor trade all his working life. His interests include Classic cars from the 80’s, Landrovers, Photography and he especially enjoys being a pain in the backside to all in the workshop. Doug is also the resident welder and personally welds all the cracked and damaged wheels.

Sean joined the team in late 2019. Being a car enthusiast and knowing a great many people in the modified car scene, Sean brings a new element to the team and likes to explore different custom and one off finishes. If you want something totally different and unique then Sean is the man you need to talk to. He is also the general manager and deals with the day to day running of the business, making sure things run smoothly and rules with an iron fist... Sean is also Oxford Wheel Repairs resident ginger. In his spare time he enjoys performance cars, manages a local mens football team, and (believe it or not) enjoys playing golf; weather permitting!

Wheel Shop:

Other than Doug and Sean we have a few others working on the team.

Jordan is the Wheel Shop Manager and is the powdercoat specialist. His attention to detail is key to us achieving A first class OEM finish on all the wheels that come out of the workshop. He’s been with the company a few years now and has proven himself invaluable. Jordan is a keen motorcyclist and is slowly building up his motorcycle collection, including a rare Aprilla RS125. He likes to eat a varied range of foods including (and limited to) Chicken, Pizza and Chicken Pizza.


Ricky has been with Oxford Wheel repairs since the beginning and is our diamond cutting specialist. An amazing artist, Ricky also finds the time to run his own very successful business called Masked Designs. He specialises in custom painting everything from ice hockey helmets to classic mini bootlids and even GP Bikes


Nick joined us in the summer of 2017 having run his own powder coating business for a few years. He brought with him lots of experience in all areas and a general handiness in all aspects, including any powdercoating machine issues, or machinery issues in general.

Aden has recently joined Oxford Wheel Repairs. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in hard work. He’s a fast learner and has become one of the team in a short amount of time. He is also a keen motorcyclist and loves 2 strokes!