Wheel Repairs


Buckled Alloys

Hitting a pothole can be expensive and dangerous. Wheels bear the brunt of pothole collisions and the damage is often obvious, with deflated tyres or vibration through the steering wheel due to a buckle. A buckled wheel can even be an MOT failure. To replace a damaged alloy can cost hundreds of pounds and trying to get compensation from a council to replace an alloy can take up to a year.
At a fraction of the cost of a new alloy, we can fix your buckled or bent alloy, and have you back on the road in a few hours.

Cracked Alloys

A crack in an alloy wheel is a problem which can easily occur from pothole collisions and hitting speed humps. Cracks will only get worse if they’re not fixed and can cause your tyre to deflate slowly, which means topping up the air every couple of days. A cracked alloy wheel is also an MOT failure and dangerous. Welding alloys is a very specialist job, and Oxford Wheel Repairs just happens to be the place that garages and tyre fitters around Oxford send all their customers to if they have a cracked alloy. We’re also the place people bring their cracked alloys when they’ve previously had it repaired badly.
We can fix your cracked alloy while you wait, for a fraction of the cost of buying a new alloy.

Corroded Alloys

Corrosion is another issue that frequently occurs on alloy wheels. It happens when little bubbles appear on aluminum and creates a white powder. It’s aluminums version of rust. It breaks the seal between the tyre and the wheel causing the air to leak and your tyre to deflate.
Here at Oxford Wheel Repairs we can file away the corrosion and reseal your tyres within only a few hours.